Payroll Administration

SouthEast Personnel Leasing has always believed in personal service. That’s why every client is assigned their own company service representative charged with timely and proactive attention to your payroll needs, allowing you to get back to do what you enjoy best, running your business.

    Services Include:
  • Accurate, On-Time Payroll Processing
  • Job Cost/Departmental Payroll Processing
  • Certified/OCIP Reporting and Management
  • Easy/Secure Online Payroll Submissions
  • Electronic Payroll Submissions
  • Time Clock Importing
  • Online Reports with 24/7 Access
  • Secure Online Employee Access
  • Federal and State Tax Reporting and Administration
  • Management Reports
  • Vacation/Sick Pay (PTO) Accrual and Tracking
  • Garnishment and Child Support Deductions and Administration
  • Direct Deposits
  • Bank of America Visa Pay Cards
  • W-2 Administration
  • Unemployment Claims Management
  • Paperwork Reduction
  • Electronic Signature Forms

Simplify Your Business

SouthEast Can Help You Grow Your Company

Owner Responsibilities
Before SouthEast
Owner Responsibilities
After SouthEast

SouthEast removes the burdens of time consuming and complex administrative tasks, helping business owners refocus their energy on what they do best, building their company. SouthEast also provides effective incentives to attract and retain employees, while dramatically reducing the expensive and cumbersome aspects associated with payroll administration and workers’ compensation.

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